We offer:

  1. Work in “Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm, which is a professional challenge for every newly arrived jurist in our successful team. During the first years of our collaborative work our new colleagues are usually taught in different professional areas, so that they will be able to develop optimally their juridical skills;
  2. Additional knowledge and practical skills via discussing particular cases among wide range of professional jurists, which could give an opportunity for professional improvement;
  3. Numerous opportunities for self-perfection by:
    • Accumulating practical experience in different areas of law;
    • Constant expansion of the spheres of actions, in which our team is used to practice;
    • Chance to use our data base, which has managed to accumulate our professional experience in one rich science library;
    • Participation in seminars and conferences, related to all changes in legislation and court practice when it comes to particular issues of civil law;
  4. Possibility for independent contribution within our active and synchronized team;
  5. Permanent support from senior lawyers.

We look for:

  1. Will and skills for work in team;
  2. High moral qualities and loyalty;
  3. Excellent knowledge of German and/or English, which are prime in our business, as at the same time we do not overlook the reach workability of Russian;
  4. Ingenuity

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бул. “Патриарх Евтимий” 66, вх.А, ет.1
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