Regarding the financial institutions and the financial markets

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides registration services and legal assistance to joint-stock companies with specialized investment designation, investment agents, public corporations, managing corporations in their business relations with customers and the Commission for prudential supervision. The Firm gives advices in legal matters and prepares contracts, associated with security transactions and all other common transactions.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm facilitates registration and provides legal assistance regarding banks and other financial institutions, banking contracts (bank loan contracts, letters of credit, bank guarantees, leasing and so on), provides legal analysis and justifications of credit projects, investment projects, and credit contracts. Preparation of contracts for securing credits.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides complex assistance to insurance companies and pension assurance companies. Assistance includes:

  • The founding and registration of insurance companies and pension assurance companies;
  • The protection of the’ interests of the insurance companies and pension assurance companies during the development of general and specific contract terms, offers, insurance policies, tariffs, rates, instructions and all other documents, connected with administration of different types of insurances;
  • Preparation of co-insurance, reinsurance and pension assurance contracts;
  • Guaranteeing of regressive or direct liability towards third persons.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides legal assistance for obtaining title and limited real rights over real estates; procures juridical help for management, disposal of property and disposition with land in the territory of Republic of Bulgaria; gives advices in legal matters, regarding all the aspects of investments in real estate in accordance with Bulgarian legislation. The lawyers of our company, as well as the whole team, have wide experience both in working out financing arrangements by credit institutions, and in developing individual projects for realization of investments, which are connected with legal assistance in all legal spheres.

The team of “Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm assists and consults all parties in the process of investment and construction and gives legal assistance in:

  • Close examination of the real estate legal status;
  • Protecting our clients’ interest in the court when it comes to legal disputes about violation of right of use, right of demesne, disposition with real rights, about nullifying deals with real rights and about restitution claims;
  • Working out preliminary and final real estate contracts;
  • Schemes for project financing arrangements and legal support in the course of the construction process;
  • Obtaining Permissions and other construction documents;
  • Working out and performance of contracts for construction;
  • Changing the designation of lands;
  • Administrative procedures regarding constructional engineering and building;
  • Mapping and correction of cadastral maps and territorial plans;
  • Issuing of constructional visa;
  • Approval of Investment projects;
  • Issuing a Construction permit;
  • Obtaining Usage permit;
  • Establishment of easement rights etc.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm could competently help you when talking about civil status of physical persons, registration of associations and foundations according to the Non profit Legal Persons Act, legal help in disposing the legal status of foreign citizens on the territory of Bulgaria. The team of lawyers could successfully consult the clients as physical persons and help them by working out different types of civil contracts:

  • Sale-trade contracts;
  • Rent contracts;
  • Commission contracts;
  • Endowment contracts;
  • Loan contracts;
  • Authorization.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm actively facilitates the concluding and realization of all our clients’ contracts while putting into practice creative methods, comprehensive analysis and qualified advices about taxation and alternative opportunities for more effective tax planning.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm offers legal advices and assistance for the following matters:

  • Explanation and administration of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement;
  • Advices about the Customs treatment;
  • Corporative taxation;
  • VAT and excises;
  • Delegation in front of Tax and Custom management;
  • Procedure defense against irregular tax and customs acts;
  • Advices for investment projects.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides legal assistance and advices its clients in the sphere of Law of obligation when it comes to:

  • Working out projects of agreements and unilateral contracts, consistent with the requirements of the client himself and the specifics of his activities;
  • Making written legal statements, regarding execution of contracts;
  • Establishment and delisting of floating charges – mortgages, guarantees and other matters connected;
    Unallowed damages and engaging of amenability;
  • Contractual liability and methods of quick and adequate fulfilling of our clients’ expectations.

The team of “Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm believes that successful protection of the right of intellectual property involves not only the attorney – client coactivity but also out team’s rich professional experience, based on communication with the competent state institutions and professional organizations.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides juridical service in:

  • Registration of trademarks, names of origin and of industrial design;
  • Protection of copyright;
  • Working out contract drafts, connected with establishment, usage and/ or injunction with copyright or with other similar rights;
  • Legal advices for effective management of intellectual property and legal protection against offence;
  • Procedural protection of broken rights of intellectual property;
  • Legal delegation when it comes to Patent department, Commission for protection of competition, judicial and other state authorities in Republic of Bulgaria.

The attorneys of “Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm are professionals with profound knowledge and great experience in solving cases, brought to Bulgarian court, special jurisdiction and institutional courts of arbitration. Our law firm represents clients in different kinds of disputes – commercial, financial, industrial, bank, disputes related to the protection of competition, bankruptcy. The partners in our law firm are one of the prime court attorneys in Bulgaria.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm actively assists its clients when disposing employment relations and disputes with workers and employees, as at the same time our team helps in cases, connected with employers’ duty for communal and health insurance.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm helps in:

  • Consulting employers about arising, putting into action and putting the end of employment relations;
  • Working out collective and individual labor agreements;
  • Advising about changes in labor and social insurance legislation.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm offers legal assistance to investors, brokers, applicants, lessors and all other legal entities and physical persons in:

  • Bank operations in progress;
  • Investment projects;
  • Project sponsorship;
  • Observing the conditions for Money Laundering Protection;
  • Credit contracts and operations;
  • Avoiding duplicate taxation;
  • Juridical analysis of credit charges.

The team of “Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm proposes to the international investors complex legal attendance in different spheres such as:

  • Market analysis and investment consultations;
  • Tax planning of investment projects;
  • Preparing documents for taking part in privatization;
  • Examination and legal opinion about documents for privatization;
  • Legal analysis of investment projects;
  • Long-term legal assistance in managing of international investment;
  • Legal assistance in international negotiations.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides documents (both preparation and analysis of documents) and legal advice to clients regarding different administrative procedures. The analysis of documents consists not only of ensuring conformity with the Bulgarian legislation, but also involves an in-debth research of the legal consequences and reference for the any approach which best corresponds to the economic and legal interests of our clients.

“Kaloyanov, Georgieva, Petkova & Co” Law Firm provides expert services regarding the following issues:

  • Preparation of various requests, written statements, applications, demands and all other documents, which could be associated to all types of administrative legal proceedings, based on the Administrative Procedure Code of Bulgaria;
  • Legal representation before administrative authorities, issuing individual administrative acts;
  • Disputing – either through administrative procedure or in court – of individual administrative acts or acts of denial (by directors of departments, majors of municipalities and regions and by all other agencies of the executive authorities) pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Code of Bulgaria;
  • Appealing against penal ordinances imposing administrative sanctions pursuant to the Administrative Violations and sanctions Act.

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